Information  & AdvicePlease read – this can save everyone time and money!

  • Transfers to Hakuba can be divided into two groups i) Bus and ii) Rail\Bus.
  • You will need to see what option best suits your flight/travel details
  • If flying from Australia (SYD,MEL,CAN,ADL) the best idea is to take an overnight flight from either SYD or MLB. This way you don’t lose a day of your holidays in travel, the transfers are easy and you will arrive in Hakuba around lunch or just after so that you can get settled in, grab rentals and even get a couple of runs in on the mountains.

IMPORTANT: WE WANT TO KNOW YOUR TRANSFER DETAILS SO WE CAN PLAN OUR DAY AND HELP YOU... Please notify us of your transfer plan in advance & then call us when you arrive in Hakuba so we can pick you up. The more contact we have with you the easier it is.



  • Nagano Snow shuttle Coach transfer from Narita à Hakuba à Narita

Our preferred bus transfer as its direct and easy! English speaking staff and door to door.Depending on weather and road\traffic conditions the journey can take 4.5 - 6 hours. There is also a service from Haneda Airport. Ask us to book for you.
Check website for details & bookings

  • Alpico Bus company Coach transfer from Narita à Hakuba à Narita

Japanese company departing  Narita. It is not a door to door service so we'll need to pick you up from Happo Information centre when you arrive. We ask you to give us a call or msg upon arrival. Happo info staff will call the lodge for you upon request. Depending on weather and road\traffic conditions the journey can take 41⁄2 - 6 hours.
You can book here



  • Chuo Taxi - Shuttle van transfer from Haneda or Narita Airport to (Door to Door):

This is a shared service - 10 seater well appointed Hi Ace van. Driver meets your flight in the arrival hall at Narita or Haneda airports & takes you to the van. You pay the driver either cash or card en-route. You may have to wait for other passengers as this is shared service. The longest wait time is 45mins.

If you miss your shuttle due to delayed flights the company will try to provide another shuttle within 1.5 hours of your delayed arrival time. - Depending on weather and road\traffic conditions the journey can take 41⁄2 - 6 hours.

Don’t assume this transfer can be booked last minute,  I advise you to book this at least one month ahead if possible. For late bookings the cut off date is 5 days prior to your flight

To book this service please send me your flight detail & indicate your luggage. E.g ski bags, suitcases.



For all rail transfers you should use to plan your trip and you should strongly consider buying a JR East rail pass, as it will save you money. If you intend using trains to and from Haneda Airport or Narita Airport to Tokyo station\Nagano\Hakuba this pass is the way to go.

  • JR East rail pass info:
  • If you buy a JR pass you can book Shinkansen (Bullet Train) tickets online. If not you need to visit the JR office at Narita or Haneda Airport stations – they will issue you the tickets.


NARITA AIRPORT - There are two options

  1. You can take a train direct from Narita Airport to Tokyo station called the Narita Express or N’eX - They depart regularly. Then take the ‘ASAMA’ Shinkansen to Nagano Station.
  1. If you are a light and fast traveller without too much luggage (ski bags are notoriously hard to travel with on these trains) take the KEISEI SKYLINER to UENO station to link up with the ‘ASAMA’, ‘HAKUTAKA” or ‘KAGAYAKI’ Shinkansen to Nagano Station. NOTE: There is a 6 minute time span to make the walk from the Keisei platform to the JR platform at Ueno, which is why parents with kids may find this difficult.

HANEDA AIRPORT  -  The older Tokyo airport that is located in the city. It recently had major upgrades & is very convenient if staying in Tokyo. If your flight arrives here you can easily take trains to Tokyo or Shinjuku station and then onto Nagano station then bus to Hakuba.

SHINJUKU STATION -  I recommend taking the once per day direct train link to Hakuba. Departing Shinjuku station at 07:30 and arriving at Hakuba station at 11:30. It’s not a bullet train but still does 150 kmph. It’s called the Super Azusa. About ¥7,500 per adult. Once you arrive in Hakuba you will need to call the Lodge and we’ll pick you up from the station.

TOKYO -  From Tokyo Station to Hakuba: Take the Shinkansen (bullet train) named either “Asama” “Hakutaka” or “Kagayaki”(each train has a name on the same line) to Nagano Station. Takes 86 minutes or up to 106 minutes (depending on stops).

NAGANO STATION  - Take the ALPICO bus to Hakuba!

Catch the bus from Nagano East exit to Happo Information centre. Once arrived or 5 mins away please call the lodge and we will pick you up. This bus runs regularly and usually meets the shinkansen arrival time. NOTE: The bus is ¥1,800 per head, you buy tickets on the bus and pay cash to the driver. Bullet train costs around ¥7,500 per adult in non-reserved seating. However, you should book a reserved seat +¥800.



If you are spending time in Tokyo\Osaka prior to your stay with us in Hakuba please consider sending your ski gear & other suitcases directly to the lodge. This will save you lugging it around. From Narita ski bags cost roughly ¥2,700 each & will take 24 hours to be delivered to us.

Sending your gear back to the airport can be done also. Bags need to have paperwork completed & picked up by the courier 48 hours prior to your flight, this is strictly enforced. If you plan to travel around Japan after leaving us the bags can be stored at the airport for up to 5 days prior to your flight.

Japan has a very efficient luggage and ski and snowboard delivery system called Takkyubin (Black Cat Couriers), the service is available to and from the Airport as well as most hotels and make travelling on the Japan Rail network a lot easier as you don’t need to carry your heavy bags up and down platforms and stairs as well as on crowded trains. Takkyubin sends your package to anywhere in the country by the next business day (excluding some areas). Black Cat also offers other specific Takkyubin Airport and Ski services. Please note transfer time To/From airports two lodge is 48 hours. This can be arranged from the black cat desk at the airport or through us at the lodge when departing...

To Book this service,for information, help and prices please contact the service directly –

Lodge check in Procedure:

We will meet you at the door or at your transport drop off point, please communicate this to us a week or two prior to arrival. Please remove your shoes in the entrance and staff will show you  how to use the racks provided and explain Japenese “Genkan” rules. We are required to take a copy of all guests’ passports (Japan Hotel regulations),  if you arrive in the early hours we’ll get the copy the following morning.

Lodge Information:

Our lodge is for skiers and boarders of all levels that are here to ski and ride, and enjoy Hakuba’s mountains. Our aim is to have you well feed & rested and ready for the mountains. Breakfast is continental style and starts at 7am to 8:30am. It’s important to plan your day and be up early & organized with the buses to ensure a smooth transition to the mountains.

As we operate a licensed bar and kitchen, there is no BYO in the lodge common areas. Bar hours are from 16:00 to 10:30. For guests wishing to extend the night past 11pm, we insist that they visit one of the many bars in Hakuba.

Equipment Rentals:

  • We recommend CENTRAL SNOWSPORTS based on quality,  price, service

Please book online prior to arrival to ensure your gear is reserved

  • Those seeking to hire backcountry touring gear and safety equipment are advised to check out THE BOARDING CO


  • We highly recommend HAKUBA SNOW SPORTS. I know the skill and teaching methods\level of instructors personally - they are the best in Hakuba. First timers are (in my opinion) better off taking a 1⁄2 day private lesson. Cost is ¥30,000. Doing this puts our guests so far ahead of where they would be comparable to a group lesson or trying to "teach" themselves. We see it every season. Sure it is a little expensive, but it’s the best investment a beginner can make. Let’s face it, you don't want to be spending more time on your backside than you need to - it can be frustrating when trying to learn so let the professional instructors take you along the learning path quickly. Lessons are in English and instructors are all the consummate professionals you would expect and accredited to the best standards (which happens to be NZ certificates). Other options include full day private or group lessons  or  if you have 1-4 people at the same level and ALL skiing or boarding you can split the cost of the lesson. This way you'll receive more value.  As mentioned I advise a private 1⁄2 day lesson AM or PM (costs ¥30,000). Especially for first timers who really want to learn to ski or board quickly, there is only one option and that is a half day lesson. Group lessons are cheaper but if you find yourself in a group of 8 people the attention to detail and advancement is not as fast. Just let me know what you would like to do and I'll book it for you.

  • Hakuba ski concierge - A boutique ski school and resort guiding service, provide door to door transportation for every one of their services, completely customized experiences that allow guests to manage their own time accordingly. With world famous snow, multiple resort options, numerous onsens and great lunch choices, the days are truly yours to design. Visit their website for more information

Lift tickets:

Each resort has various locations to purchase either single mountain day passes or the full valley multi-day pass . The problem with the multi-day passes are i) If you are injured there is no refund. ii) If you lose the pass there is no refund. iii) They are non transferable

Every year the ticket procedure and prices seem to vary slightly but rest assured by the time you arrive we will have the best options sorted out for all guests and have up to date information on where and what to buy depending on skill level, conditions and time of season.

Guiding and photography :

We recommend you contact us directly with what it is you are looking to book or arrange, we have great contacts through the valley for all levels from multi day backcountry adventures to first time side country and resort guiding options. Talk to us about your needs and previous experience and we will get you in touch with the right guides/companies to achieve your snow dreams... Also did it really happen without the images to prove it? We can arrange on mountain photography to catch the energy of the days adventure forever!

Snow Monkeys:

Probably wise to choose a day early and then book it online (credit card payment required). It's a full day touring starting with the snow monkeys then onto the sake factory & Hokusai artworks in Obuse and lastly the Zenkoji Temple in Nagano. Well worth it and good value. Lunch choice of beef, fish or vege.

Other day off activities  include Shopping ,Luxury brands, fashion, sports, accessories etc - Heritage tours: - Cooking classes - Tea ceremony - Seafood Gourmet tours - Kimono wearing. Snow shoe tours or visits to local onsens

Car rentals in Hakuba:

Getting around Hakuba is so much easier with a car. If you want to hire one you will need an international drivers licence. You can hire from the airports or in Hakuba or Nagano. You will need AWD\4WD, roof racks & English Navi may make it easier. Talk to us to have a car arranged for you.

Dietary Requirements:

Gluten Free (GF) or Halal diets: Please bring with you as much GF products as you need. Hakuba does not offer much in the way of GF or Halal. Especially for breakfast its best if you bring your own cereals, as we cannot supply any GF diets. - We do have soy milk for those who may be lactose intolerant. Please research your specific needs and advice for travelling inside Japan and advise us where we may be able to assist.